Dragon Tooth Oneshot Setting

I’ve managed to get a gig running a Pathfinder game over the holidays. I’ve been planning a fun little adventure and write this as a little flavor piece to give the players a broad hint of the world.

The Twenty-Years War has ended. The last five months have seen East and West Dragonshead at a cautious peace as generals, diplomats and royalty have pounded out a treaty that that satisfies both lands. Now, all that remains to ensure the treaty’s ratification is the signing ceremony and exchange of prisoners and dignitaries that is to be held at Broken Tooth Island.

The ships heading towards the island hold a motley collection of warriors, nobles and royalty representing the varied peoples of Dragonshead. All are filled with hope at the coming of a lasting peace, and apprehension at the the continuance of war.

As a sign of good faith two ships set out, piloted by a neutral crew, and holding members of both delegations. Still, with the sages predicting nothing but clear skies and smooth seas as the ships maneuver through Firebreath Archipelago, what could possibly go wrong?

Dragonshead is so named because the twin lands, when mapped look very much like the gapping jaws of a dragon, with an island chain in the center that resembles a spout of flame.

East Dragonshead, containing the upper jaw and a lake large enough to be mapped as an eye, is the wilder of the two lands. Its ridged mountains, and rapidly changing geography makes it the home to a variety of races, living together with a rough governmental body keeping them arguable cohesive.

West Dragonhaead, being the smaller but more lucrative land area with mines and lush farmland, is much more organized. United under a single monarchy, and mostly made up of humans with only a spattering of other races, these Western land is more traditional and orthodox.

What is important to know is that although these lands have wildly different philosophies of governance, neither is an “evil” land. How the war started is also of little importance to the game, as each side has its own beliefs as what sparked the war, which does lie a grievance between influential  nobles.

Player characters should have in mind if they would be more of a fit for East or West Dragonhead, and why they have a place on the ship. Were they prisoners at the end of the war, part of the treaty party, or perhaps an unaligned sailor? They should also come together with the knowledge that should the treaty not be signed at Broken Tooth Island, war will once again rage.

Sound fun? If so and you live in the Tokyo area, get in touch with me about rates for running the one-shot for your gaming group.

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