Golden Week: Day 1

Here in Japan we have reached that beloved string of holidays known as Golden Week. Due to the Imperial change over this year the total number of consecutive days off reaches nine.

While I am always glad to have days off of work, I will admit it is not quite as exciting when national holidays non longer means unfettered freedom, but rather nine straight days without the option of daycare to help with child rearing.

Don’t get me wrong, I love both my children dearly. That said, they are both young enough to need near constant engagement, and that can get a little exhausting.

Today, for example, started a touch before 5:00am. Admittedly, my wife took charge on the necessary breastfeeding, but I couldn’t manage sleep, so there you go.

It is almost 11pm. I did get time here and there to relax, but I’d be lying if I denied that I’m pretty wore out and a little apprehensive about the next eight days.

Wish me luck.

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