Graduation 2017

I’m currently sitting in a train collecting my thoughts. This morning was the graduation and luncheon at the elementary school I work at. Regular readers might know that this is my third school year working here, even though I started near the end of that first school year. On the whole this school has been … More Graduation 2017

Tears and Rain

From around noon the weather shifted. At the start of the day it was reasonably warm, for early March, and the sky was decently blue. Then the clouds came and everything turned grey. Rain was soon to follow. This actually fits rather well with the day. It is nearing the end of the school year … More Tears and Rain


Yesterday felt rather bleak. I had worries that history was repeating itself in terms of work promises falling through. Really the only thing I had to hold on to was the knowledge that the people I work with are very special, warm-hearted people. My faith in their good intentions was never in doubt, but my faith … More (Re)Appointment


This is going to be a rather hard post to right because there is only so much I can say on this subject. I’m not strictly bound by confidentiality or anything like that, but talking too much might not be the smart thing to do. Not that I’ve ever let myself talk the the point … More Disappointment

Graduation Day

The 6th graders had their final day as elementary students today. What a bunch a little cuties. Whenever I watch a graduation ceremony in Japan I think of the differences between the ones here and the ones I went to in the US. The individual elements are the same, but the order is flipped. The … More Graduation Day