Last school day of the year 

Today was the last day of classes for this school year. I teach in an all-girls private elementary school here in Tokyo. I’ll admit I was reluctant to return to teaching at the beginning of 2015. I had been burned and was feeling quite jaded. But it has been a very good move.

Today was one of those days that makes me glad to be a teacher. The last class, just before lunch, was with a great group of students. Not only were the eager and attentive throughout, but at the very end they had prepared a little message. They thanked us for teaching them that year and told us how they are looking forward to the next school year with us. 

Something about children showing each other kindness or showing appreciation to others always gets me right in the feels  and I had to carefully dab my eyes to keep the kids from seeing me get misty.

I wish I had a big takeaway message about teaching in general or teaching in Japan. But I don’t. I’m just incredibly lucky to be in a great school that offers support and to be teaching a fantastic group of students.

But I’m still going to enjoy having the next few weeks off. What will I be doing? Stay tuned…

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