How Should Dr. Strange Sound?

DoctorStrange-177I think by now everyone who is interested in such things know that there is a Dr. Strange movie being made. And that Dr. Strange is going to be played by Benedict Cumberbatch. And why not? I have to admit that I am not overly familiar with him. The only thing I have really seen him in is the first two Hobbit movies. And I believed him as big menacing dragon. I’m also told I would love him as Sherlock. He seems quite talented.

I’m saying all that up front because what I am about to write has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of Benedict Cumberbatch as an actor.

I don’t want Dr. Stephen Strange to be British. The actor can be from wherever. Couldn’t care less. But the character, let’s not make him British. I have basically one reason for that. Envision a modern day sorcerer. He says hello and invites you into his sanctum sanctorum for a consultation.

How many of you pictured that voice as British? I think more than a few did. And that is part of why I don’t want Strange to be altered to be British. Because it seems recently anything magical has come with a British accent. And they either have two accents: The expected accent or the Constantine variant. (Yep, my deep knowledge of accents of UK is crap.) Either one of those seems like cheap shorthand. It feels too expected.

Also, and I had to look this up, know where Strange is from in the comics? Nebraska. That’s right. The eminent magician of the Marvel universe grew up in corn country. There is something great about that. It is unexpected. Because there was never anything magical in his upbringing. He was a genius surgeon who was a jerk. He was house. Except instead of losing part of his leg and possibly becoming a bigger jerk, Strange injured his hands and resorted to mysticism to get them fixed. And ended up being a wizard! Yowza!

So, please, don’t make Strange British. It is too easy.

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