One Year Ago… One Year from Today…

I just realized that one year ago I published Deadly Troubadours. 


I don’t really have any special words to mark the occasion. Mostly I am just thankful to everyone who has supported me. Everyone  who has bought a copy gets thanks. Everyone who has read a copy gets thanks. And especially who has reviewed or shared this book with others gets a great deal of thanks.

I am hard at work at the sequel. Basically I am fifth of the way finished on the rough draft. It is going a little slower than I had hoped. I’ve tried telling my 10-month old he needs to let me write more, but the little guy just insists on playing. Still I’m hoping to have the sequel out in less than a year. That goal is between December 2016 and March 15, 2017. Hold me to it.

About six months after I published Deeadly Troubadours I realized that it passed the Bechdel Test. That was pretty cool. And for what it is worth, the sequel already passes it. 

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