Teaching is an Endurance Sport

Here in Japan the school year is on an April to March schedule. So, just as the cherry blossoms are in peak bloom a new set of lessons begins. I’m one of the lucky ones that actually gets a decent spring break. Combine that with the end of year and beginning of year ceremonies and orientations and it means that it has been nearly a month since I led a class.

I’m telling myself that is why I am so tired right now. And I might be right. Going from three weeks of zero classes to teaching four can be a little draining. But the drain isn’t felt right away. Not really. There is some weariness. But sometimes a classroom is just a substitute for a change and convincing a group of ten year olds that they really do want to learn to speak my language is a pretty fun act.

So I can get through the day with no problem. But then I get home and a few hours pass. That is when I hit the wall. That is when all I want to do is either curl up with a book or curl up in front of a movie. I don’t really want to talk. I’ve used up all my words. I think about the things I could/should be doing. And then I tell myself I’ll get to them in a few more minutes.

And then it is after 10pm and I think about how the next day is a time for starting. About how I can make up for being lazy today if I work hard tomorrow. Sometimes that is true and sometimes that is just a refrain from the previous day.

I really do enjoy teaching. And I like to think I am good at it. But it takes so much endurance. I’ve been on vacation. And today’s run has worn me out. I hope my endurance builds up quickly. Because as much as I like teaching, I like creating worlds more.IMG_1107

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