Bad Dream, Good Awakening

A flash of sounds and colors. Fleeting images soon banished to the ether. I gasp and open my eyes. Blinding sun turns into darkness. Where I was bleeds away into where I am. I take two quick breaths. Already I’ve forgotten what I saw and did. What was done to me? There was something…


Next to me is a warmth. A comforting warmth. She’s curled into a ball and facing away. I think I can smell her, but maybe I just want to enough to believe I can. The sight of her pushes away the dream that woke me.  I slide closer and gently wrap my arm around her waist. She murmurs slightly and leans slightly back into my chest. Now I can smell the traces of shampoo on her hair. Beneath that I can smell her.


Everything is still. In the distance is the sound of a lonely car driving on the early morning street otherwise the city is still sleeping. Every few breathes we exhale at the same time. I can’t tell where my arm ends and she begins. Its all fading together. All on their own my eyes begin to droop. They shut and the darkness of night gives way to the colors of sleep.

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