CLI 31: X-23 Innocence Lost

With Laura Kinney set up to take over the blue and yellow mantle of Wolverine, host Brent and guest Dave take at look at one of her earliest appearances by Craig Kyle, Christopher Yost and Billy Tan from Marvel Comics.

Visit Brent at for more of his reviews, short stories and information on his fantasy novel Deadly Troubadours.

CLI’s intro and outro music was written and performed by Manny Marx.

4 thoughts on “CLI 31: X-23 Innocence Lost

  1. X-23 is badass! I remember reading a comic with her in it in high school. She was a prostitute and was allies with this girl who was part cat, a girl who can manipulate time, and this guy who can spirit walk. I could never remember what comic book it was. Does anything come to mind?

      1. That sounds familiar. Thank you! Now i gotta look into it. That was one of the few memories i had as a freshman. 🙂

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