Camp is Over

Things are still busy. I have a job and a baby and two birds. I also have a wife but she does so much for me and for the family I certainly can’t include her in a list of things that are stealing my time. And, yes, that does mean that a part of me feels my adorable, not-white-four-month old baby is stealing my time. I’ve been up since 5:30 this morning taking care of the little angle. Currently my wife, who deserves sainthood, just finished up giving him a bath which means he started howling the moment the bath ended (although he quoted down a few minutes later. Not much howling, but let me tell you, nothing stomps all over a train of thought like a crying baby. Rhythm arrested.

So, yes, things are still busy. But I am feeling the call of the page. Or the glowing screen. Or just words in general. I want to find out what Kestra and the gang are up to and the only way to do that is get some words down. So, that is what I am going to do. But while I’m doing that I’m also going to get a few reviews out as well. As soon as I know I will have enough time to sit and watch Age of Ultron (I live in Japan so I am behind) then I will jot my thoughts down. Or perhaps do a podcast. Something.

Basically, I want things to get back to normal around here. Or at least to what I want to consider normal (regular updates of reviews, podcasts, the occasional short stories and 5000 words a week added to the sequel.) Is all that possible? Crap, I don’t know. I want it to be. I want to use my creativity as much as I can. That’s what all this is about. A way for me to feel like I am creating something instead of just consuming. And because I like sharing my thoughts about what is out there. And because I really do want to know what happens next with the Deadly Troubadours. And because camp is over.

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