Podcasting News!

I have been hiatus for too long from the podcasting world! But coming soon both Comics League International and Reading Deadly Troubadours will be back to a regular schedule.

Comics League International is where I discuss comics with a variety of friends from a variety of countries. My guests are from a variety of backgrounds and have different familiarity levels with the world comics. Chatting with decades longs readers and first time readers helps add different viewpoints to a review show that aims to introduce works both new and classic. I’ll be honest I want this to be a weekly show, but I might need to start as bi-weekly to make sure I can get enough guests lined up to maintain a schedule. New episodes should appear next Wednesday.

Reading Deadly Troubadours is my reading my fantasy novel, Deadly Troubadours. Like and audiobook that is free. With the occasional parrot in the background. This show will be weekly with a new episode coming out this Thursday! Also, Reading Deadly Troubadours will feature a new podcast image! Huzzah!SCAN0075 (2)Also, I am co-host of Living Japan! As far as I can tell Living Japan is the longest running regularly updated Japan podcast. Plus, we tend to dive into more social issues and the occasional political one rather than just sticking to pop culture. Although we do have fun with that as well.

You can subscribe to any or all of these shows through iTunes. I would greatly appreciate it if you gave them a try and then take a few moments to rate and review the shows. Cheers!

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