Goodbye Nana

My Grandmother died yesterday. She had a stroke a few days after Christmas. After the stroke it was decided she would enter hospice care. We knew it wouldn’t be long. It gave us a chance to come to terms with it.

I live on the opposite side of the world and at that time my parents were visiting in order to spend the first Christmas and New Years with my baby. They went back on the 3rd. I went to camp. Life continued.

Tonight on the walk home I got a little emotional. My Nana wasn’t a perfect women but she was a very wonderful grandma. Growing up, I would love going for visits. She had a soft voice, talked slow, and came across as the best elements of being southern. She was fun to talk to and fun to be around. We saw Sister Act together in the movie theater and had such a good time that when Sister Act 2 came out I insisted we see it together.

I remember in 2004 during the presidential campaigns various candidates trotted out fear of homosexuality as an issue. I was visiting her before moving to Japan when the news came on talking about the issue. I was worried what she would say. I bought into the stereotype about people from her age and background. She pursed her lips and basically said “I can’t believe they are arguing about this when there are important things going on. If two people love each other let ’em get married if they want.” I remember being very proud of her that day.

I can’t remember the last time I talked with her. It was probably over Skype on a day when my mom was visiting her or when the family got together. I’m glad she got to see pictures of her great-grandson. It would have been nice if she could have held him, smelled his hair. I wish I had more pictures to show him when he gets older.

She was a wonderful Grandmother.

I’ll miss you, Nana.

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