Three days of writing…

I feel like I’m topping a peak. Not only have I managed to update this site daily for over a month, which is huge since last year my longest streak was 5 days, but I’m starting to make actual writing progress.

Sure, it has only been three days, but it feels great. Filling up pages and getting the story out there is an amazing feeling. Even though this blog takes up a little bit of time, I think it has also served as a bit of a sharpening tool. It feels easier to just sit down and write when the opportunity presents itself. It really is true what they say, the past way to start writing is just to write.

But, yeah, today’s post is really lacking. In return for getting the time to write, I took charge of cooking dinner and cleaning up. (The Mrs. took the little one out for fun while I wrote.) Now it’s getting late and I’m sleepy.

But the sequel is coming. And that is a good thing.

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