Home made Tacos and West Wing

I am ready for the weekend, but there is still one more work day to get through. I am trying to look at what has been accomplished this week and not think about how this has been a pretty crap week for writing.

Today I put almost 20 more books in the mail, which brings the total to about 2/3rds taken care of. Can’t slow down just yet though. The goal was to get all but the sketches out there. I can get that down.

The Mrs. is busy tonight, so it is me and the munchkin keeping an eye on things around the house. I’ll be honest. He isn’t really pulling his weight. Pretty much the moment it got dark, he let me know he was ready for bed.

With him asleep and me with no plans, I decided to take my time cooking and whipped up some tortilla shells. In Japan tortillas are hard to come by and usually fairly expensive. It is just easier to make them, once you know how. I can’t say they are that pretty, but they are quiet tasty. And there are enough for breakfast burritos tomorrow morning.

Keeping me company while I ate was Josiah Bartlett. Because, as I wrote earlier this week, The West Wing is one of my favorite shows. Also, with the election season in full bloom I need some romanticism to my politics that will hopefully instill me with the belief that there are still those who strive to do what is best for the many.

Now, I am just hoping I can stay awake long enough to get some words out that don’t sound ridiculous when paired up together. Leo hasn’t been sleeping that well at nights. Being woken up every few hours means that when the evenings do come I feel more like a zombie than a talented and created individual. Is it an oversimplification to say that so far the hardest part of parenting has been learning to deal with constant exhaustion?

Maybe I just need to eat more tacos.


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