2 Day’s with Daddy

The Mrs. is finishing up a big art project. That means she needs as much time as possible alone with her work. Understandably, I’ve been drafted into helping out with this. So, for the last two days from just after lunchtime until darkness fell, Leo and I have been traipsing around Tokyo.

Now, Leo is a pretty big boy. He is just over 10kg, which is pretty good for a 9 month-old. After two bays of him in the baby sling, I feel it. Still, all the things needed to spend a day with a baby might be heavier. Each day I’ve been sent off with several pairs of diapers, wipes and changing sheets. Then there are the changes of clothes, a few little toys and different kinds of wipes. And of course, two prepped bottles (one ready to drink and one very hot for later) and formula powder. Combine that with anything I might bring for myself and you end up with quite a hefty load.

And we spent the days walking around. Seeing the sights. Enjoying the views. And hopefully avoiding crowds, but this is difficult in Tokyo on the weekends. Two days ago we bebopped around the shops of Kichijoji before visiting the park there. We were lucky that a friend was able to join us for about the last hour and a half. Having someone to chat with is always nice.

Today we strolled by Leo’s soon to be day care. looked pretty decent, but we will find out more soon enough. Then it was off to the heart of Shinjuku. So, yeah, that avoiding the crowds thing didn’t work out. But that’s okay. Most of my plan when Leo and I are traveling is just to keep moving. When he or I need a rest , I stop. Sometimes he is content just to bury his face in my chest. Other times he needs to be taken out of the sling and just be allowed to jump around and play. Today I also treated myself to ice cream.

A little tangent about riding trains with a baby. Some people are very friendly. This is great and we love making new friends. However, these friendly people are generally not the ones sitting in the priority seats. It needs to be said. Most salarymen and young women who sit in the priority seats do not want to move for anyone. To me, that makes them awful people. There are a few exceptions of course and the other day I say a salaryman not in the priority section give up his seat. That is like spotting a unicorn. Experience has taught me the most likely type to offer a seat to a pregnant woman or person with a baby is women over the age of 50. I suppose they just remember what it was like.

We finished off the day by visiting a community play center. He got to play with a bunch of different toys, and I got to sprawl out next to him. Okay, fine, I played with the toys, too.

Following up a week of work with a weekend of watching Leo has left me physically and mentally beat. Maybe you noticed in who this blog is written. I’m doing my best to ignore that pesky voice that wants to whine about it. That voice is a jerk. And, I also know that the Mrs. would do the same for me. Because she has. And Leo is a joyous, adorable little guy that can make me laugh out loud and makes me want to give the world a hug. But he’s active. And heavy. And know I’m too tired to write anything of quality.

But just look at that face!


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