Updated Ebooks Available

In preparation for the paperback release of Deadly Troubadours, I went through the text for one more round of proofreading. Much to my chagrin, I found a few places that needed some editing. A few typos, some clumsy language, etc. Those got cleaned up of course and the current paperback, available here, is the definitive copy. I don’t really see myself touching the text again. (I say that now, but just wait until someone points out some errors. Sigh.)

This morning was spent updating the ebooks that have been on sale through Smashwords, Apple and Amazon. In a few hours, depending on the site, anyone who has purchased these copies should be able to download the updated versions. If you have already read your copy, thank you for plowing through the warts version. If you haven’t read Deadly Troubadours yet, download the newest version and start reading. If you haven’t purchased a copy yet, well, there are plenty of links above.

One of my goals for Deadly Troubadours was to make it as available as possibly. The only place left for me to place it is on Amazon’s Createspace. This would make a paperback version more readily available in the USA and a few other places. There are a few more formatting issues I want to make sure of before doing this. I plan on having this accomplished by the end of March.

Until then, thanks everyone for reading!

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