The Baby and the Dragon

It was the first day of their Meeting. The father set his infant son down on the plush rug. His son soon started rolling his hands of the rug and gurgling happily. Keeping his eye on his son, the father went to the far side of the room and picked up the dragon for the wooden stand on which it was resting. How walked over to his son.

On this first day, the first time he ever saw a dragon, the son stared up at it. It was a bright red, the color of ripe apples. It had two long hind legs and two large wings that ended in small hands. The fleshy wings could collapse in on the spindly arms giving the dragon an appearance almost like a hairless bat. Except it also had a long thick tail and a pronounced snout.

The baby looked up at the dragon with wonder. The father allowed himself a smile that his child did not cry. That was a good sign. The father also noted that the dragon was watching the pink and plump baby. In the eyes of the young dragon was a similar expression to that of young human. With the newly hatched dragon already being the size of a house cat, they were almost similar in size as well as expression. The father let them look at each other for a time before deciding that was enough for the day. Both dragons and babies quite easily grow restless at that age and he did not wish to sour this first meeting by letting boredom creep in. He took the dragon back to its perch and then he and his son left the room.

They came back the same day. Again the son played with the soft rug while the father gathered the dragon. This time when the baby saw the young dragon his face lit up into a wide smile and the gurgle of baby laughter erupted. The father smiled broadly as the baby reached up for the dragon. 

Although it was too early to let them play together, for babies are quick to grab and hatchlings quick to bite, the father knelt down next to his child to let them gain more awareness of each other.

The father had high hopes. With luck they would form a close bond. It would be needed if they were to take to the skies together as dragon and rider. But that would be years away. For now, he just hoped they could become companions. That would be enough for now. And yet the father’s mind kept thinking of the future.

(Like other writings I’ve done, this is a highly factionalized account of real aspects of my life. I have two parrots and baby boy who is almost 10 months old. At night we put the parrots in their closet and take them out each morning. Recently whenever the boy sees us take out the birds he gets extremely happy and smiley. The birds have also shown some interest in him, but understandably we haven’t put them in contact yet.)

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