Shh… He’s Sleeping

Still trying to get a hang on this whole being a father thing. After four days in the mountains, today was a real return to being a dad. Of course the Mrs. most often pulls the weight when it comes to keeping our boy safe, but the are days like today when I do the lion’s share.

I want to write. I want to practice music. I want to excercise. But often after spending 12 hours keeping the little man here (with breaks while Mom takes over) I am so exhausted that I have to choose which project I’m going to work on. Recently I’ve been choosing excercise. It seems the healthy option, and sometimes motion triggers thought and a new plot develop,eat for the Sequel falls into place.

Now I am sitting with my birds wincing at ever noise that comes from the bedroom. Sleeping like baby should imply restlessness and filling those around you with dread that you will suddenly wake up and demand attention. I am thinking of all the projects I want to work on while I struggle not to fall asleep while reading.

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