Here in Tokyo the Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom. More so than any other year it is making me think about the future. What comes next?

Maybe it is because this is the first time seeing the cherry blossoms since having a child. Maybe it is because every year just seems to move by faster. Maybe it is because I am happy following dreams and that only creates more dreams.

Maybe I just feel impatient and want to get better. Better as a writer, musician, husband and father.

I look at these cherry blossoms and think that this year lays ahead of me full of potential. All of the things I want to do are waiting to be accomplished. There is nothing standing in my way except apathy and excuses. If I put in the hours then all of those goals are possible.

Next year, when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom I want to celebrate having two novels out. I want to sit under the sakura and play songs as my family sings together. I want to hold my wife’s hand as we sip umeshu while watching our son caper in the falling petals.

素敵でしょう。Sounds nice, doesn’t it?


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