The Return of the Comics League (Kind of)

People who know me know that I love talking comics. I’m one of those that feel super heroes are our modern day mythology and, man, do I enjoy that mythology.

I enjoy it so much I even had a little podcast devoted to the talk of these Gods, Monsters and Heroes. It was a weekly show that ran for about six months. And then life happened.

Two events coincided. One was that I and many of my frequent guests graduated from grad school and had to go back to work. And it can be all to easy for work to signal the death of creation.

Combine that with the birth of my son, and the time to recruit, record and edit a show just wasn’t happening. But now…

That’s right! The Comics League is returning!

Kind of.

For a long time I’ve wanted to go through and talk Starman, that 90s Classic by Robinson (originally) Harris. But who can I talk about it with?

I wanted a partner who was fun to chat with, insightful, intelligent, quirky and obviously not me.  And I found the perfect person: Lydia Quek.

You might have seen her on her YouTube channel: Quek Channel. After just a few minutes you can see she fits the bill nicely. Also, as a relatively new comics reader, she should be able to add a new perspective to the conversation.

We have two episodes recorded and will be recording again in two days. We are planning to do the entire run including specials so, it will be a rather long term project. But where should I put it.

The original thought was to make a brand new show, a new rss feed, and launch. But now I am thinking, why don’t I just launch this through Comics League? Any former subscribers can get the new show and it will probably be just as easy for new subscribers to find. Think Comics League as a master feed. Which means that if this show blows up, or I start producing more shows on a regular basis, I can always create its own feed.

So that is the plan. Hopefully within two weeks the show will be live. Wish me luck

Here is a rough up of a possible podcast cover art. My design skills are lacking.

B&L Starman 00

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