My Son’s Laughter

First off, I like performing. I’ve performed in bands and on stage. As an actor and as a presenter. Sometimes I think one of the reasons I like teaching is that it allows me a chance to entertain here where community theatre is a rare thing. I like moving people towards emotion.

Now, how can I be humble and still get my point across?

I’m funny. At least, decently funny. I’m saying if we had some coffee together, you’d probably laugh a time or two. I like earning laughs. There is an art to it. A simple beauty and a power. To steal a quote from someone I can’t remember “Comedy is serious business.”

To me the sound of laughter I inspired is a form of music.

My son has a beautiful laugh. It is the laugh of someone still learning how to laugh. It is unrestrained and unembarrassed. It is the sound of joyousness.

Together we are still learning what makes him laugh. Since he is just shy of one year we are still strictly in the realm of physical comedy. It can can be a funny face, or peak-a-boo. It can be balancing his toys on my head like a hat. It can be kisses on his neck or tummy.

And every time that laughter comes I feel it in my chest.

In the interest of full disclosure I should probably add that Mommy is better at striking his funny bone than I am. And I am okay with that. For now.

This morning the little man let me sleep in until 7:30. That is a treat. If you don’t have a child, yes, I am serious. And not only did he let me sleep an extra hour, but this is what I was able to enjoy just a few minutes after waking up.

Goodness, but I love that laugh.

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