Hugs to Mothers

I have been blessed. In my life there are three mothers.

First is my own mother. Not only did she give me life but throughout my life she is constantly teaching me. She is a never ending source of strength and counsel. So much of who I am is owed to her. Despite living in different hemispheres every day I am thankful for the strong relationship I have with both my parents, but on today I hope dad doesn’t mind if I give an extra helping of thanks to her.

Next is my mother-in-law. Before getting married we had some time to get to now each other. She told me how she recognizes how hard it can be to live so far from the rest of my family and that she wanted to be there for me if I ever needed a mother’s help and guidance. She has been true to her word and I am thankful that she has let me into her family with acceptance and love.

And then there is my wife, mother to our son. I would say I have been able to watch her learn to be a mother, but the truth is she has taken to it from the very beginning. Despite the exhaustion that parenting brings she has remained the same energetic, loving, funny, strong woman that captured my heart. I love how not only is she a fantastic mother but that she is following her own goals and dreams.

These are the three women that I give special recognition to on this day. As I said, I am blessed to have such individuals in my life and to have their support.

Thank you, mothers.


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