The Writing Avalanche

For me the hardest part of writing is getting started. This goes to the start of a project, the start of a blog, the start of a chapter. Even just the start of a writing session can sometimes seem like a daunting task.

It is all too easy to give in to the feelings of being tired or uninspired and just let the keyboard rest. To let the white screen stay that way instead of filling it up with letters, words and sentences.

Finding that place to start is rough.

But then I do it. I start typing, start creating. And the first few sentences are usually a bit of a jangle. Nothing that I would really want others to read. But then it starts getting smoother. My mind starts making connections. It starts adding in details. It moves past what I am writing and starts deciding what I will be writing five minutes from know.

With little prompting words spring from my fingertips and whole phrases bloom on the page. The blank white page gives over to black words faster than my fingers can keep up.

The avalanche begins. Words pour out like snow down a mountain. I do my best to guide and control these words but their path already seems decided by their sheer weight and gravity. This is the area where it all pays off. All the planning, all the outlining, all pondering story and character while commenting to work or taking a shower. All that thinking lets the words flow.

Sure, later I will need to go and cultivate the result. I’ll need to turn the wild tangle of words into a distinct garden, turn the mass of rock into a sculpture, turn another clumsy metaphor into a better one, but that is for editing. Editing is its own beast.

But the writing can be an avalanche. And sometimes all I really need to do to tap into that avalanche is to not make excuses. To tell myself that there is time to get some work done. To tell myself if I have the energy to watch Archer for what ends up being an hour, then I have the energy to write for an hour.

Sometimes it is just a matter of telling myself to quit being lazy, sit at my desk and just fucking write.

And within ten minutes comes the avalanche.

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