Sketch Versions available

Adding two more perks to the Indiegogo store, which is in demand (which means you can buy from it).

First is the ebook version. Indiegogo is the cheapest place to get the ebook and the only place to get the ebook that has the chapter art fro the paperback edition.

Then there is the sketch  version. Was cover and interior artist, Rika Thomas, to personalize your copy with an ink illustration? Then this is the perk for you. Take a look:

art by Rika Thomas


On a serious note, there are still about five books from the indeogogo campaign that I have yet to be able to ship. Post offices here in Tokyo excel at keeping crap hours if you need to visit own and have a day job. And the days I haven’t had work have also had pouring rain. Just the weather you want for carrying paper products through town. Yes, I’ve sunk to blaming the weather for my laziness.

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