Living the Dream (for a day or two)

I’ve talked in the past about my current real life job, teaching at a private elementary school. Hopefully I have made it very clear that I greatly enjoy this job and the people (staff and students) that come along with this. I genuinely like it. I want to make that clear.

Because every now and then I get a few days off. Sometimes those days off go to just being lazy or going into dad mood. And that’s fine too. But sometimes those days off lead to productivity. I get to write, record, update. I get to do all those little things that if writing actually helped pay the bills I would get to do more of. I mean, it really is amazing how much more you can write in a quiet house during the day rather than at night after the youngin’ has gone to bed and you’ve been up and moving for 15 hours.

In the past two days I’ve written over 3500 words in the sequel in addition to blogging and other tasks. As well as cleaning house, washing dishes and helping the Mrs. Plus I got to pick the boy up from daycare. My only real regret is that I did spend time enjoying the holiday when lookin back I could have used that time for proper exceecise and ukulele practice.

So, yeah, I have a great real life job. But every now and then I get a taste of what I imagine everyday life could be like if I could pay bills through writing novels. It’s pretty nice. 

But as I finish this up I wonder how long it would take for me to get lonely and need to talk. One thing about working with kids, they have a lot to say and some of it is hysterical. Crap, now I want to hurry up and get back to school. One more day. Of writing and ukulele and excercise! Sweet!

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