Getting ready for Camp

Like most people out there I’m pretty obsessed with the Hamilton soundtrack. Okay, maybe obsessed is the wrong word but it has quickly become my go to album to listen to if I don’t know what I want to listen to. Or if I need that little extra energy music can give. Or if I just want to get lost in sound for a bit. It’s good is what I’m saying.

I don’t think I have a favorite song. What I have are songs that I listen to more than others. And that song changes. Sometimes the reasons are internal. Sometimes external.

Recently I’ve been listening to “Right Hand Man” and I’ve just figured out why. And, believe it or not, it plays into my ego. Kind of. 

See, camp starts soon. Camp is always a fantastic experience that forms incredible bonds and makes strong, even if short term, friendships.

Here is where the ego starts.

I’m George Washington. I’ll be a manager for my age band with at least six team leaders working under me. This will be my third summer and I’ve been tested by fire in the past. Right now I’m still worried. Precamp is always more nerve wracking than when we get our kids and start camp moving.

But back to me being George Washington. From the Hamilton soundtrack I hear Washington as being a string capable leader but a leader that still needed someone he could depend on. That is how I feel right now. I’ve been good at this job in the past and hope I can be good at it again this summer. But so far I don’t have my Hamilton. 

My normal Hamilton is working with a different schedule and we aren’t able to be together. So I’m looking. My goalmisnto bring my A game to this camp. I hope to be a source of energy and experience to the new staff. I’m greatly worried I’ll fail and come off as a grump.

But if I can find my Hamilton, that person that helps keep me focused and perhaps a little inspired, I’ll be able to do great things not only for myself and the staff, but all all the kids we’ll have under our care this summer. I want to excel this summer.

I’m not throwing away my shot.

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