Camp is Still Over

Camp is done. Back in Tokyo. It’s great tonnage some time to rest and relax before the regular job starts back up.

But the thing is, I miss camp. Or maybe it is that I wasn’t ready for it to be done. Sure, it is great to have some free time and time to write. And last year my break time was about three days. But I’m not ready for it to be over.

I got to be outside in nature for four sessions. Twenty days of leading kids through hill and brush and meeting some excellent people. Almost daily dips in the lake with kayaking and swimming.

I was hanging out with frogs, lizards, skinks, snakes, grasshoppers, and wild goats. Now I’m in Tokyo and my wildlife is pretty much restricted to mosquitos.

Anyway, I miss camp. I miss the energy and the camaraderie. The hustle and action. I miss the cute kids and the awesome staff.

I’ll have a few weekend camps here and there throughout the year but it will be a while before the big dance comes along again. A full year. Just when we had it all worked out.

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