Rock the (Dragon Con) Vote

If you’ve followed this blog for a little bit you might have seen that I am a big supporter of G. Derek Adams. There are several reasons for this. First is that we’ve been friends for many a year. We’ve done dozens of plays together and spent countless hours rolling dice in RPGs.

Second is that he is a damn good writer. His fantasy books motivate me to try harder and set out on my own path. In the past year he has been getting some well deserved attention. So much so that he has been nominated for a Dragon Award.

Dragon Con is a large, fan run convention held in Atlanta, GA. It covers the gamut of sci-fi, fantasy, comics, all kinds of stuff. It is also Derek’s home town convention. And there he is, nominated for Best Fantasy Novel. He is up against some big name competition. If he wins, it really would be an underdog, Cinderella story. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Everyone loves Underdog victories.

So, I’m trying to get everyone reading this to vote for his book Asteroid Made of Dragon’s. The sign up to vote is easy, free and would do a lot of good for an aspiring artist.

To be fair, I haven’t finished Asteroid made of Dragons yet. But I really enjoyed his first two self-published novels and think this third book will surpass the first two. Even if you haven’t read it, I’d still recommend giving it a little vote push. Oh, and feel free to buy the book as well.

One more important thing. You can only register to vote until August 28th. That’s less than 48 hours to make a difference. In less than five minutes you can really make a difference in giving an unknown artist huge exposure. Get some Karma. Make a vote.



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