Win Some, Lose Some

When I first published Deadly Troubadours I checked for new reviews a couple times a day. Slowly that urge to seek validation lessened to once a day and then, eventually, once a week. Now I check Goodreads maybe once every two weeks and then usually I’m procrastinating.

Today I opened up my Goodreads page and, horror of horrors, had a brand new two star rating waiting for me. Ouch. That is my only rating below four stars and, yeah, it stung a little. Still, my main thought when I saw that it was just a rating was that the reader didn’t leave a review. Not even a few words about why she didn’t like the book. Almost like this reader has her own life to live and isn’t just a means for me to gain fame and success.

But, seriously, it would have been nice to hear why someone who didn’t like my novel didn’t like my novel. I know I can’t please everyone but there can be something constructive to be learned off any review, positive or negative.

The good thing was is there was a positive little nugget waiting for me as well. Last month I submitted my book for a review from Hungry Monster and they had some nice things to say about it. Yesterday an email came in saying Deadly Troubadours was a Silver Award winner for their September books.


What does that actually mean? I have no idea. I was both really happy to get any kind of award and also immediately cynical about it. Just that a website would offer an award of any kind to me was enough to make me go “I wonder what they are fishing for.” How sad is that? In the end I’ve decided to be happy. Any recognition is good recognition and here is this site reminding its readers that they really enjoyed my book. And if that isn’t enough for a little bit of happiness, I don’t know what is.

Now to get back to work on the sequel.

2 thoughts on “Win Some, Lose Some

  1. Oh I can’t wait to be in your position! No wait…this sounds painful! Silly little awards abound don’t they? Especially here on WP. And it was so silly that someone rated you low with no indication as to why. Dirty Bastard!

    1. Haha! Thanks for the comment! The low rating did give me a little frown, but the award and the added reach it gives makes up for it!

      I hope to hear more about your project!

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