Tuckered Out

We’ve had a pretty busy few days. All things considered the travel from my parents’ house in America to our apartment in Japan takes about 24 hours. And since I can’t really sleep on planes that makes it an exceptionally long day.

The flight itself was uneventful, if long. The crew was friendly and customs wasn’t bad. Every time I return to Japan it seems the process is a little different, but it worked in my favor this time as I was able to use a returner’s line. It feels like every other time I’ve re-entered the country they just send all us foreigners into one big line and that slows everything down.

Still, there was a little incident that made me laugh over the differences between the two countries. When we arrived in America we asked how we should arrange ourselves. I’m a citizen. My wife isn’t. And we are traveling with our little guy. We were all sent to the citizen’s area and even got to use a faster line to accommodate traveling with an small child. Here in Japan, the said my wife could go with us through the foreigner’s line. There was no special consideration for small children. Does it mean anything? Not really. But after the long, long flight it did make me laugh. Yokoso omotenashi.

I could whine about starting work the day after arriving back, but the truth is it helps me get back on schedule. I don’t have time to get jet lag. Too many things to do. But I’m not doing it by myself. My wife is also keeping things running smoothly. She played with our jet lagged little boy that first night so I could get some semblance of rest.

It looked like things were going to be smooth from here on out, but today our little guy came down with a fever. That throws a wrench into the next few days. Hopefully it will be a quick recovery. The Mrs. and I can both use some rest.


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