Who I Am

We are still in the start of a New Year and the start of another attempt at blogging everyday. So far the results have been pleasing and there have been a few new people clicking on this site.

I’m using that as a bit of motivation to introduce myself yet again to the internet world. Think of it like self branding. I guess.

First the simple stuff:

My name is Brent Thomas. I’m originally from Southern states (Florida me Georgia) of the USA but I’ve lived in Japan since 2004. I’m 35 years old. I’ve been married since 2010 and together we have a 20 month old son.

I work in an private elementary school teaching English. I really enjoy the job and the students but have a difficult time seeing myself as a career teacher, even though that is basically what I’ve been for a decade of my life.

I also work at an overnight camp company. I’ve been doing that for around three years and have a terrific time without. There I also get to work with young people, but also get to help guide an international team of camp counselors. I like to think we provide awesome memories, great examples to Japanese kids of how foreigners are not the stereotypes media often shows them to be, and we promote a love of the outdoors.

On top of that, I am a writer. I have one book self-published and am editing the second. Both are fantasy novels. I’ve always been attracted to fantasy fiction. I like the big ideas they bring and how we can strip it down to simple tales of people. But in a world of magic and dragons.

I love writing, but am learning that half my job as an independent writer is convincing people to read my book and then begging them to leave a review. I’m a better writer than a marketer and feel the need to work on promotion. (That might explain this post.)

I’m a liberal who believes in the power of education and the importance of health care. I believe in some form of higher power but I am undecided on religion, mostly because growing up in Georgia most of the religious people I have known have been some of the most bigoted and judgemental individuals I have known.

I wish I had a good way to end this. But with any luck, this introduction will be part of an ongoing relationship. In other words, hope you enjoy reading my works. And tell your friends.

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