Devos Dissappontment: Shame on you, Senators

Last night I went to bed thinking about what to write this morning. I mulled over writing about my son and the joys of fatherhood. Perhaps I would write about how the three of us played together last night and the importance of family. Basically I was going to try for something uplifting.

Then I woke up, made some coffee and checked the news.

In some ways watching news about the US feels like watching a parallel earth story. Perhaps that is because I still read a lot of comic books. Or perhaps it is because I am living in Japan and America is acting insane.

I cannot comprehend how the Senate would confirm someone who has shown that amount of ignorance towards education. Scratch that. Ignorance isn’t strong enough a term. I can’t believe someone with that amount of disdain for education is now secretary of education.

You would think that having actually educated individuals in charge of education would be common sense. Nope. Give it to a billionaire who seems to hate the idea of poor people having complicated thoughts.

I am so disgusted righ now I can barely think.

For over a decade of my life I have worked in education in Japan. I have worked both in schools and in a prefectural board of education. In that time I have heard many people, including members of the US government praise Japanese education, while not really understanding it.

I do not think that the system over here is perfect. I don’t think it effectively makes use of its times and I think that more and more it is striving for political indoctrination. But, in a way that is because those at the top recognize the value of education.

With the confirmation of Devos, 50 republican senators and the Vice President have shown the do not value the education or future of the children on their care.

I want to single out the senators from my state of Georgia. Perdue, Isakson, shame on you. Shame on you.

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