Long Day

It’s been a long day in the life of Brent. Nothing has been bad, so there isn’t really a dramatic story to tell. But there have been many moving pieces. Going to work, teaching classes to some great kids (and some not so great ones), ending early, meeting Rika for such in a restaurant that had a constant freezing draft. work on editing, pick Leo up, play with him on the bus, try and book a room for a ukulele meet up and deal with an unhelpful city employee, walk home in icy rain.

A basic typical day. Some good parts. Some tiring parts. But, it is 8:30 at night, my brain hurts and I want to play with my son and perhaps watch a documentary on James Brown.

I know this isn’t much, but sometimes this is all you get. Trying to talk myself down from freaking out that I’m not a famous writer yet and that at 35 I really don’t know what I’ll be doing at 37. More on all that later.

Now to sing “Wheels on the Bus” a few dozen times and hopefully make my little guy laugh.

Hopefully a cute picture will make up for the short post.


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