Fathering Day

My little guy woke up early this morning. Since i woke up as well we ended up spending a good portion of time together. Although it is an exhausting way to spend time, playing with a little cuddle bug, dancing guy is a hilarious way to spend the morning..

But after four hours I was very thankful that the Mrs. was awake and willing to take the reigns for a few hours.

After a bit of a break and a nice meal (keema curry) I was ready to jump back into the saddle. After rolling around a little inside the house we headed outside to get some fresh air. Within the first ten minutes Leo succumbed to the comfort and warmth of daddy’s embrace and fell asleep. I met some friends and shared a few laughs. Leo woke up just in time for us to make the walk back.

And again he fell asleep before we got home. Which is kind of good because it lets me relax and watch old episodes of ER, but it also gets me worried that he is going to wake up yet again on the ugly side of early.

Guess all I can do is wait and hope.


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