Book Sighting in the Wild: Kinokuniya

I told myself, and readers of this site, that I would stop plugging Deadly Teoubadours. Partly because I’m tired of flogging it. I’m fairly certain I’ve already convinced those willing to but it because they know me to purchase it.

Also, I hope to have a new novel out before summer and I do hope that having a second book out can convince a few folk to purchase the first.

So, I was planning on stopping the name dropping of Deadly Troubadours. But in a simple result of reaching out my book is now available for purchase at one of the largest English Language book stores/sections on Tokyo, if not all of Japan: Kinokuniya

There is something about seeing my book on a shelf of a really real bookstore.. Even though my book has been available for almost two years, this makes it feel like more of an achievement. I mean, here it is.

The hard part will be getting it sold, of course. To that end Kinokuniya is going to lend me some support. More on that later.

For know, if anyone has been waffling on whether or not they should buy a hard copy, consider picking one up. My contact at Kinokuniya has told me that if these sell they are more than willing to order more.

And, from a non-self-serving point of view, I don’t know if Kinokuniya has much of a history throwing their weight behind local, English language writers, not to mention self-published writers. Obviously, purchasing my books helps me, but if you are in Tokyo and want to encourage indie-art and indie authors in Tokyo, vote with your dollar.


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