Editing Leads to Writing

Yesterday I wrote a little about my feelings on editing. The soul crushing task that is editing.

Today was back to the grindstone and trying to clean up the beautiful mess that is my sequel. There was a lot of just polishing over rough edges. A majority was just that. Smoothing and polishing and hoping that I’m making things better not worse.

And then I got to a chapter that needed something more. Sure, there were rough edges that needed polishing and I could have left it at that, but there was a chance to do a little more. There was a hole that needed more than just smoothing over.

I actually go too write. I got to use my words to progress a story instead of just patching it. Sure, it was only around 400 words, but it scratched an itch. I really do love writing and I recognize that editing is a part of it.

But its good to get the chance to do the fun part every now and then.

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