Into the Wild

Early tomorrow morning I’ll be joining a staff of excellent people and helping take a large group of kids into mountains for skiing. 

Skiing is a bit outside my skill set. I blame that on growing up in Florida and Georgia where, for the most part, skiing meant water not snow. Of course, I’m not a very good water skier either, but let’s ignore that.

Still, I’m useful in other ways and really want to help make this a good trip. It looks like there will be some new faces, as well as friends I haven’t seen I far too long. Yep, I’m looking forward to four days in the snow.

What I’m not so happy with is that all the prep for this site I told myself I’d get to, well, all that slipped through the cracks. I told myself I’d get a backlog of podcasts and posts ready so I could just forget about this site for a few days and maintain the daily posting schedule. 

Life has a way of making short work of plans. Take that to mean don’t expect much for the next few days. I know, a harsh gasp just went up from the Internet. Maybe I’ll get in one more Iron Fist review before I go.

And when I get back, it is into heavy editing mode, for the sequel awaits.

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