Grumpy Bird Reviews: Iron Fist s01e08: The Blessing of Many Fractures

I’ve written about the show being relatively dull. It hasn’t been so much bad as just rather average. But this episode marks a point where almost all the dialog is rather cringe-worthy. Real cheese ball stuff.

tumblr_ommcsxHDRM1r8iw09o1_1280Iron Fist s01e08: The Blessing of Many Fractures

writer: Tamara Belcher-Wilkinson

director: Kevin Tancharoen


Quick Review:

It really is hard to say much good about this particular episode, aside from there being a drunken master. The dialog hit new lows. Almost everything felt groan worthy or a clumsy attempt at wit. Also, a good portion of this kung fu super hero show was spent dealing with corporate plotting. Yay.

Spoilers Lurk Below


Sometimes I wonder if people are even reading these scripts. It seems like we were in the middle of the Iron Fist talking about having mastered his emotions, when not five minutes later he started having a panic attack. And why? Because the writers needed Danny to open up about his family so that Colleen could later talk about her family. And, wow, did everything feel forced. Just so forced.

By the way, why is so much time being devoted to the boring twins and their quest for big business? It started off as a neat little backdrop for Danny, even if it was never that interesting. It was just a little flavoring. And now it is its one little B-story that has almost no connection to Danny. I don’t really care about the two involved and I don’t really care about their business machinations. It’s the part of the show that feels the most like a daytime soap opera. And it sucks the wind out of the sails of the show. I can’t help but wonder if all of these scenes were to be just chopped out of the show if it would run better. Sure, we’d miss the reference to Jessica Jones in this episode, but I’m willing to take that loss.

But at least there was a decent fight. It wasn’t especially a good fight, but it was a decent one. My main thought during it was of the buildup of fights during the series. Let’s think a little of video game logic. The opening levels are easy, and each level is supposed to get a little but harder. This show doesn’t seem to follow that rule. Outside of the first episode Danny seems to be having a similar amount of trouble with each fight. That hurts the feel of progression.

Basically, I want to believe that our Drunken Master here was someone special. But the fight didn’t seem too much harder than many of the other yahoos Danny has fought. It doesn’t feel special. It just feels ordinary. Which feels like a waste.

Wrap Up:

I guess we are seeing Danny and Colleen in a relationship. Which I’m fine with. I still wish that it felt more real, maybe with more chemistry. I also wonder if Colleen being in a relationship has anything to do with more cleavage on display.

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