A Little Cold

My son has been home sick the past few days. The Mrs. and I have been doing our best to loom after him, and it looks like he will be able to return to daycare tomorrow. Which is great, because both of us are pretty worn out.

Between her finishing her art project and my getting back from camp we were both at low ebb, and then we needed to go into high gear parenting. We’re probably lucky that we survived without really snapping at each other.

There were definitely a few days in there where all he wanted was mama. Of course, those were the days mama had obligations, so he was stuck with me. Sometimes he decided that was all right. Other times I had to deal with the tears caused by my not being mama.

Parenting shouldn’t be a competition. But sometimes it is. And, yeah, I think the deck is stacked in her favor. Don’t get me wrong, the Mrs. is already am excellent mother. But there has got to be some biology in there that flicks a certain way at times.

Listen, I want to be the best dad I can be. But, yeah, sometimes being dad means being the third wheel.

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