Night Sakura

The cherry blossoms are in bloom. My son and I are walking home from daycare. He’s been sick and a little unhappy with me the last few days. I think it’s because he sees me as keeping him away from Mommy. The reality is that we both have responsibilities and need to trade off at times. Try exposing that to someone not yet two.

This morning he cried when we left the apartment. He whimpered on the bus. Cried again when we arrived at daycare.

When I picked him up it was back to big smiles and laughs. We held hands as we waked our normal path. When it came to our normal spot where I pick him up, he practically jumped into my arms. We giggled and sang as we walked.

His cold went to Mommy and she is sick in bed. We walk My little guy gets sleepy. I ask her what she thinks I should do. There are good and bad parts to both options. 

If we go home, he can eat, play. And possibly be up until 10 or later. If he falls asleep, it will be easier. Just plop him in bed. But I’ll have keep an ear open in case he gets hungry. A little formula and he’ll keep sleeping. Hopefully until his normal time since he is still kind of recovering.

I get to choose.

I’m writing this as he slowly drifts into sleep. The fact that it is the easier path is part of my decision. And I’m okay if Mommy thinks that was a large part of my decision. 

But really, after being ostracized for about two days I’m really just enjoying holding my son. Bonus points for getting to do so while looking at cherry blossoms.

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