Brain Not Working

I tried staring at my rough draft. I have a list of corrections that need to be made. But i just stared at them.

That little sound a cd player makes when the disc spins at what seems to be a wrong speed. That is the sound I imagine coming off of my brain as I try to figure out how exactly to improve my manuscript.

Click. Whrrrrr. Click. Click. Whrrrrrrr.

Today I recorded a podcast that could go up anytime now. Made a few plans. Walked about 12km. Ate way too much food a a Brazilian steakhouse with some rad co-workers. Washed a bunch of dishes and made dinner for my son.

But now I need to keep up that task of editing. I need to get into gear. I’m late and time is slowly ticking by.

Whrrrr. Click. Whrrrr. Whrrrr. Click.

Maybe i should just admit defeat. Drink some water. Read some comics and wait for sleep to claim me. Tomorrow is going to be another full day.

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