Like Father Like Son

My boy is just a hair over two years old, and there are so many ways that I see bits of myself in him.

There are some simple things. He has a love of books and a love of music. His favorite activities seem to be singing, dancing, and reading. Reading and singing are certainly activities I go for as well and maybe I’m not so much a dancer on the outside, but that is partly because if I treated the world like a musical it would be minutes before I was likely locked up.

While it is fun to say “that’s like me!” It’s also a little scary. I wonder what other parts of me will blossom in him. Just this past weekend at his daycare sports day, I could see that he wasn’t comfortable with the crowd, but when the time came he loved getting the attention. Another aspect we share.

It makes me happy and worry at the same time. Will he get the flip side of those feelings that I get? Will he feel incredibly social and yet find it hard to also feel close to those around him. Will he love performing only to grow up and find there are fewer opportunities to perform? 

I see him shine with he same simple joys I love and then wonder if he will be saddled with the same cumbersome thoughts and feelings?

Of course, there are ways we differ as well. He seems to be much more into keeping tidy and liking organization than I ever remember having. He is very active about putting toys back in their place when he is done with them. When he does forget, usually a slight prompt will get him tidying up. This is something I hope he manages to hold on to as it will probably save him headache in the future. Truth be told, it is something the Mrs and I both have to work on.

Maybe getting the mixture of his two parents will serve him well, and maybe his own spirit will make him even more than the sum of his parents.

And most of all, I need to remember that he’s only two. There is a long road ahead of him, and I just need to do my best to see he grows well and knows that he is loved.

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