Leo had a Fever

I woke up this morning and as I start to get moving the Mrs whispers to me “Leo got a fever during the night. He threw up. He needs to stay home from daycare today.”

At the same time three thoughts flooded my mind. I didn’t need to wake up and could just linger in bed until our son woke up. There was sympathy for the lad and for my wife for dealing with it while I slept. Also, the recognition that my plans for the day were shot. Because I’m still self-centered, but I’m trying to get it under control.

Admitted the heavy lifting does go to the Mrs. Even when our dude is healthy, if he gets to choose between us, I rarely get the nod. When he gets sick, it’s no contest. Plus, she has the nursing background so giving comfort and care is a trained skill for her. 

Really, the whole day I only had about an hour when he was awake where I was a lead carer. In that hour I did manage to sing him to sleep, so I’m going to count that as a small victory and ignore that he was up again within 10 minutes. He was hungry.

The good news is that around 7pm his fever broke and he’s back to a normal temperature. Hopefully tomorrow will be a regular day. Both for him and for us. 

It also seems like he might be do n for the night, so maybe I’ll be able to gather up the energy for some editing. The sequel won’t finish itself after all.

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