Five Years Ago

This is one of those days where social media is nifty. Especially that part where we get reminded of past events. Sure, many of those reminders are rather bland, but every now and then something worthwhile comes up.

Five years ago I was accepted into grad school here in Tokyo. At the time my wife and I were living in Gunma prefecture, which is about three hours away. I was fairly unhappy with the turn my then job was taking and had put in my notice. If grad school didn’t happen, I had no real back up plan.

I’m already forgetting why I was in Tokyo that day. I think that by coincidence I had a conference to attend the same day the results were posted. Memory says that after the conference a came by the school to see. It was one of those times where I was so excited but had no one nearby to share it with.

Five years later, here I am. I enjoyed being in grad school and I’m glad I did it. I met some fantastic people, although I don’t see them as much anymore. I was also reminded of how much I love learning. And writing. At some point I would love to change nit he and get a doctorate. I’ll I need is time and money. The simple things.

All that said, I’m a little disappointed in how little use my masters degree actually is. My current job is through connections made from my student days, but the degree itself hasn’t opened any doors. It hasn’t really even highlighted doors. Maybe that’s just the way degrees are?

Any way. Five years. The cliche about time passing too fast is all too true.

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