Unannounced Goal

Earlier this week I looked at my calendar and decided something. After too long of working on it, I aim to finish the second draft of my second novel by June 21st. Although, just now as I right this I have an urge to make it June 22nd. Hmm. Let’s put that to the side for now.

I want to finish this work and get in the head space to do a new crowd funding campaign. And I want to get started on the next project.

To put it simply, I want to feel like I am making progress on being a writer. I know, I know. Being a writer is defined by writing. I get it. But I also want to be a writer that manages to sell a few more copies than I am now. And be able to put something out more frequently than the 2.5 years it is taking me to get this sequel out.

Giving myself concrete goals tends to help. Of course, it helped more when I wasn’t a school teacher and a father. Oh, the free time I used to have.

But that is the challenge. Sitting down and getting that keyboard going. Letting the words flow.

So, hold me to it.

June 22nd (it sounds better.) Second draft. Second novel.

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