In Celebration of ME!

It’s June 21st. “First day of summer?” you ask. Well, yes. But also its my birthday. Now, most years I just spend my birthday feeling extra surly and, honestly, just kind of waiting for something to go wrong.

But this year I’m trying something different. I’m trying to get into that whole vibe that this is my day and that I am the reason for light shining in the world. But only for 24 hours. And I also have to share it with many, many people. But forget about them! It’s all me!

(Blythe, if you are reading this, you get an exemption. This day can be all about you as well. Happy Birthday!)

Now back to me…

Part of celebrating me is letting y’all know what you can do to celebrate me. First off, and let’s just get this out of the way, give me money. No, seriously. I’m on Patreon, which you can go to and help support my writing and podcasting habit. Donations start at a dollar a month. That’s only 12 bucks a month. What a great way to tell me I’m awesome.

Or, if you want to help another way you can always read and review my book. If you’ve read the book the best places to leave reviews are at Goodreads and Amazon, although iTunes is also nice.

If you haven’t bought the book, well, I’m planning to do a whole new crowdfunding campaign to self-publish the sequel in about three months, so if I could ask you to kindly wait, that would be super cool.

Lastly, if you really love reviewing my stuff, it would be great to get reviews for the two podcasts I co-host  Living Japan Podcast and Brent & Lydia Talk Starman.

Thanks for reading and thank you for helping me make me birthday a celebration of me.


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