About that Goal

A few days ago I wrote about how I wanted to finish my second draft by tonight.

There are still a few hours left in tonight and all things are possible. But, to be honest, it does seem rather unlikely.

I suppose I could chalk it up to poor planning. I really liked the sound of “second book, second draft, twenty-second.” I liked it so much that I failed to take into account t that June 19-21 are very busy days for me. Between work and fatherhood, I left myself at best an hour a day to make progress.

But that is kind of focusing on the negative. The positive is that I am almost finished. Looking at my schedule I could realistically be finished by tomorrow. Hopefully no later than Saturday.

Already I can feel my mind drifting off to the “what comes next” steps. Another round of proof reads. An attempt at recording an audio version. Encouraging my artist/wife to get going. Goodness.

And then there is the whole rush that is the crowdfunding campaign. Of course, with my schedule that will need to wait until September. After all, summer means the mountain life for me, and those are two delicious flavors that do not go together.

But before all that, there is this draft. And though I likely won’t hit my goal of finishing today, that same goal let me set up a groove and focus on the work. The impossible task ended up lasting about a week.

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