It’s the Easy Mistakes that Get Me

An announcement! But first, a quick story.

Going over my checklist of what to do when I start trying to convince others to read my upcoming book. Hmm, lets see.

  • First off, write a book that doesn’t suck. Okay, check. Did that. Wait, there is an asterisk. Proofread it again and again. Have others proofread it. Get advice. Never stop proofreading until the last possible moment. Sure. Good there.
  • Next! Make some videos about the campaign. Okay. Did that. Two of them so far.
  • Actually set up the crowdfunding page. Sure! Yeah! What’s next.
  • Repeatedly beg friends, family and strangers for money promising that the book will be awesome. Doing that right now.

Awesome! Looks like i did everything! Wait, what’s that at the bottom of the page. Looks like there is a coffee stain blurring out the words. Hold on…

“Make sure that your main website page talking about the book is updated so it doesn’t have way out of date information and a complete lack of all the things you are currently doing.”

Huh. I’m not sure if I did that. But it couldn’t be that bad. Let me take a look. … Wow. That is terrible. i don’t think that has been updated since March. Its basically nothing. That would likely keep me from feeling like this person deserve my cash. I should fix that now.

Yeah, that was me last night looking over this website after a friend asked to share some excerpts. All I could do was hang my head in shame. Deep shame.

Oh, and of course fix the problem.

So, now if you look at the Sand, Sea and Stone page on this site, it has actual information and is not just an out of date waste of time. Better late than never?

Version 3

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