Indiegogo 4: The 112

I’ll admit it, I’ve been feeling a little bit stressed out and, yes, even a touch defeatist about this latest Indiegogo campaign. I’ve been wondering if it was such a good idea to set my goal so high.

I’ll be the first to admit that it has been a lot harder this time around. Last time, in 2015, I had fewer outside responsibilities. Work wasn’t quite so hectic since I had a smaller class load. And my darling child was just a little squishy thing that would fall asleep a few times a day. Now he is a ball of energy that fights off sleep and loves to dance and play with Daddy. A shortness in time means that everything is under a bit more pressure.

Earlier today I was out for lunch with the family and was whining into my hot chai (we had Indian curry and it was delicious.) But during that lunch I realized something. I only need a 112 more people to purchase my back. That’s it. Only 112 more.

Now, don’t get me wrong, for a guy that has already hit up many of his friends and family (many of whom have contributed) 112 is not a small number. In fact, the Mrs. gasped a little at that total.

But it feels doable. It won’t be easy, and it might come down to the wire, but I think I can manage.

Listen, if nothing else, I am very proud of this book. I think that it shows growth as a writer and I truly think that those who pick it up will enjoy it. Now, all I need to do is get it in front of people.

Writing is an act of love and any act of love requires taking a risk. Here is mine. I’m putting myself out there. Take a chance on me. I think you’ll enjoy it.


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