The Quick Visit of my Parents

For a little over a week my parents were in the country. Normally an ocean separates us, but hey, its Christmas and we have a two year old which is enough of a reason for a visit.

I’m trying hard to think deep thoughts about their visit. Something to put a little separation between myself and the event. That sounds wrong.

Speaking of sounding wrong, do you ever think about how hard it is to come up with a headline about missing your parents without it sounding like they’re dead? The first title for this was “Missing my parents”. Hmmm…. Sounds a little too much, you know.

But I do miss them. That is the thing. You might think that after a decade of saying goodbye that I’d be used to it. Instead, it gets harder and harder. I want the visits to last just a little bit longer.

Having a child just adds to that feeling. The first night they left he didn’t understand that he couldn’t go play with Mima and Grandpa. There were tears.

At least I have one consolidation. I’m lucky. I have far too many friends who have rocky relationships with their parents. Some even like having an ocean between them and their family.

When I think about them, it is a little easier. I’d much rather have parents that I’m sad to see leave than parents I’m glad to see go.

I love you, Mom and Dad. We love you, Mima and Grandpa.


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